AVTRAK Innovation & Enhancement


Dear AVTRAK Customer,

Your AVTRAK application is being upgraded! The AVTRAK application is being updated with features that preserve the AVTRAK product strengths, bring a modern look and feel and moves the AVTRAK application on the latest and most secure web technology.

Please find below information about the application update.



AVTRAK Upgrade Features

The updated AVTRAK application will provide the features and reports you have come to rely on to manage the maintenance of your aircraft.

Fleet Summary

Fleet Summary

From the Fleet Summary you have a top level view of fleet aircraft status, including current actuals, next due items, aircraft status color indications, pre-flight reporting and a new feature for aircraft home base location.

Aircraft Home

Aircraft Home

The home page will continue to provide the ability to quickly access the aircraft information (tail number & serial number), Airworthiness Date, In Service date and Last Actual details.

In the Next Due section you can see the Next Due values and in the Component times section you can see the major component details.

The Analyst Information section will continue to provide the Analyst contact information, pending compliance items and update notes.

AVTRAK will now include Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) information for customers enrolled in the PWC or Honeywell EHM program.



Provides you with complete ATA listing of tracked maintenance tasks, task details and ability to edit and update tasks.



Offers you comprehensive report capability across Maintenance, Quality Control, and Operations. The feature has been enhanced to include Status, Due and many other essential reports.

The customer application update will be applied starting in January 2016. The application update will first be available for Standard and Lite customers.

The second phase of the application update will be available for customers with work order and inventory modules. The third phase will be for helicopter customers and will include a significant upgrade to the helicopter functionality.


AVTRAK Migration

  1. How will the AVTRAK application change?
  2. There will be some changes to the navigation and layout but the status, due and fleet management screens will provide the same functionality. The task cards and majority of existing reports are being migrated and will match the look, feel and format of the existing AVTRAK application.

  3. How will my compliance update process change?
  4. You will continue to have the ability to update your compliance information yourself if you are a Standard or Lite customer. If you are a standard customer you can continue to submit compliance information for update by your AVTRAK analyst.

  5. How will my Home page change?
  6. The major change will be the addition of the quick link menu bar on the left side of the page. This menu bar can be collapsed and provides the ability to immediately jump to the status, due, update or other areas of the application.

  7. Will my data be impacted by the migration?
  8. No. All of your historical data and documents will be migrated over to the AVTRAK application.

  9. Will my Analyst Change?
  10. No. The current AVTRAK Analyst team will remain in place and continue to provide great customer service during and after the migration is completed.

Upgrade Schedule

The migration will be ongoing throughout 2016. Your migration will be communicated to you prior to the scheduled migration date. After the migration is completed you will be notified and on your next login to the application will see the new AVTRAK application.

For more information contact:

Email                                support@AVTRAK.com

USA & Canada              1.303.745.5588
                                          1.877.281.1934 (toll free)

International                   +1 303.745.5588